Italian Head of Systems Integration

Intralogistic in Plus
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Job Description

We integrate solutions that help our customers be more efficient in their intralogistics operations by implementing turnkey systems that involve automation in hardware and software.

Our Mission: “To Support our customers as a holistic partner for intralogistics and material handling solutions, through a deep tool kit of technologies and providing flexible and innovative engineering”. Our technology toolkit is sourced from various companies group and from our specialized suppliers across the globe. Our engineering emanates from the hiring, development and retention of the best talent in the market; which drives the best engineering and customer care in the industry.


A Head of Systems Integration (HoSI) works in coordinating all business and project activities in a region to help develop it from a startup territory (in this case ITALY), with little to no installed base or business infrastructure; to a satellite office to our HQs in Madrid. A Head of Systems Integration has two major fields of responsibility:

  • Development of Business Infrastructure: develops teams and procedures to transform the local office, where we are embedding our activity, into an integration group. This includes everything between business development to support activities; and business enabling tasks such as local marketing and legal support to our contracts.
  • Project Focus: A HoSI is involved in the whole life cycle of every project in its region(s) of focus. From acquiring and converting leads into opportunities to signing final project acceptance and support contracts for the systems.

General Duties:

  • Business Infrastructure development
    • Trains local Logistic Solutions teams in capabilities, technologies and project targets
    • Incentivizes local Logistic Solutions teams to find great opportunities
    • Develops key relationships with local top management to optimize the search and find of the right project leads. This involves working with NKA, Dealers, Sales Managers…
    • Capable of communicating the importance of the business division in the overall brand mission; both internally and externally.
    • Continuously trained in processes and business functions
    • Develops and executes a plan to support our systems as they go live, proactively and using this as sales tool to capture customers.
    • Trains local engineers to help transform the Logistic Solutions organization further into an Integration Organization
    • Becomes a Subject Matter Expert in the region, by researching and analyzing the market conditions (industries, type of projects seen in the region, competitors, constraints, opportunities…) and being a public figure both within the MSCO (creating internal webinars and communications…) and within the regional market (participating in events as speaker, networking in the industry and participating in professional associations and forums)
    • Searches and identifies key regional suppliers
    • Develops lasting relationships with customers, and makes sure their needs are addressed
    • Implement our strategy in the region
    • Overall responsible for success in scaling the business in the region


  • Project Development
    • Qualifies and targets the right leads
    • Leads designs teams alongside with Systems Engineers and local engineering groups
    • Continuously trained in new technologies and applications
    • Analyses data to optimize layout and flows, becomes solution architect
    • Leads the quote formation
    • Negotiates and leads the closing of new contracts
    • At a minimum, shadows every project execution, participating in executive summary weekly meetings. In some instances, the HoSI acts as the Project Manager
    • Co-responsible for system acceptance.
    • Makes sure transition to support and ongoing customer service is adequate. She/he will become the last line of support for every customer. (when everything else fails, they pick up the phone, visit the customer, get it done).
    • Ultimate regional responsible for sales goals and satisfactory executions


  • Influential: Can generate excitement about our project and action from higher management at local level without involvement from central
  • Rain Maker/ Closer: has an excellent ability to close business
  • Data analyst: data oriented, can identify the right solution iterations based on raw logistics information
  • Mentor: can train and motivate talent locally
  • Good to work with: Everyone at our company wants to work on your projects
  • Disposition to travel: ready and excited to travel intensively
  • Entrepreneurial: Business ideas and new ways to compete are often going through your head. Happy to go outside your comfort zone
  • Accountable: Will take responsibility, avoid finger pointing and other non-constructive behaviors.
  • Resilient: Will not get discourage against failed opportunities and business adversity
  • Ambition and desire to succeed.
  • Resourceful and decisive: Manage and contain issues, not letting them scale if they can be/should be resolved by you
  • Hardworking: Understands that high performance and over achieving expectations comes with effort and sacrifice


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  • + 3 years’ experience in Automated Logistic Solutions
  • Strong interest in technology and process optimization
  • Solid communication attributes
  • Ability to travel overnight estimated at 60% (Italy regions)
  • Workplace location: Madrid, Spain
  • Advanced English.