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Head Hunting, Recruitment, Selection, Outsourcing, Training.

We have been providing, renewing and developing Energy.

Whatever your sector is….

Industrial, Logistical, Machinery, Automotive, Packaging, Chemical, Pharmaceutical…

…we find the most suitable professional for your necessities:

Key Account Manager, Procurement Specialist, Financial Controller, Maintenance Specialist, Production Team Leader, Commercial Director, Project Manager, CEO, HR Senior Recruitment…


What are you expecting
from your
TALENT provider?


We adapt ourselves and offer quick and quality solutions for your necessities.

We work with multinationals, as well as SMEs and startups startups in their Talent expansion, development and attraction processes. We listen and learn actively, we talk your same language.

Suitable candidates in 48-72h.


Interviewing and hiring.


To candidates and clients.

Quality, speed and privacy.


Guaranteed success.




Our clients and candidates,
our best references.

“SABIA Personal is a strategic partner for our businesses in Spain and Morocco. It has perfectly identified the necessities of our operations and departments. It has contributed to the business results providing high level and skilled professionals.”

HR Team Leader (Industrial)

“Raúl and SABIA Personal have helped us during many years to shape our necessities and selection processes. His professional experience, cordiality and dedication have been vital for our strategic plan and actual… and future organization. We have always had him at our disposal when his collaboration has been required.”

Talent Manager (Machinery)

“The manners have been very professional since the beginning; the initial interview to get in touch was very cordial, so you don’t feel being evaluated at all, but being well accompanied during a process that is stressful enough just by itself.

In each step of the selection process, Raúl guides you and makes everything a little easier; the attention before each interview was a great support for me, as well as the conversation afterwards to check in with me and see how everything had gone. Raúl really makes everything seem much simpler than it really is and, once you pass the selection process and get hired, he constantly calls and texts you to make sure everything is perfect.

I have participated in many different selection processes and if I had to evaluate the professionalism, attention received, tracking and help in every moment this would be #1 in the list.”

José Hidalgo. Candidato
Senior Maintenance Specialist

“My experience with SABIA Personal was very positive in each and every stage of the selection process. 

Raul’s manners were excellent and he took the time to fill me in with information in every moment, from the first time making contact until even after my incorporation.  

Furthermore, all the details that shared with me about the position, the company and the process were all true and adjusted to reality, something that I personally highly appreciate.”

Carlos Martínez. Candidate


Training projects and ability’s development.

We develop your (personal, team and company) TALENT
throughout high impact projects that help to develop abilities (Soft Skills).

We build from our methodology INSIGHTS Discovery on.


INSIGHTS Discovery’s Personal Profile allows the person to understand with detail their personal style and how it influences in their personal and professional relationships.


“I am sure we will achieve a brief and close collaboration.
We have an incredible motivation to achieve it.””